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Licking Heights Alumni Association, Inc.
Preserving the Past for the Promise of a Future
P.O. Box 77
Summit Station, Ohio 43073

Beth (Walters) Cotner, President
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Meeting Information and Minutes

Minutes from
Past Meetings
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Alumni meetings are held on
the 4th Tuesday of the month
at 6:30 pm,
In the LH High School Media Center (Library)
(See schedule for what months)
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Alumni Meeting Schedule 2015 - 2016
Date Time Location
09/22/15 6:30pm HS Media Center
10/27/15 NO MEETING
11/24/15 6:30pm HS Media Center
12/22/15 NO MEETING
01/26/16 6:30pm HS Media Center
02/23/16 6:30pm HS Media Center
03/22/16 6:30pm HS Media Center
04/26/16 6:30pm HS Media Center
05/24/16 6:30pm TBA / a week early due to Graduation
06/18/16 8:00pm Banquet & Annual Meeting
Save this date and make your plans now!
06/28/16 6:30pm TBA
07/26/16 6:30pm Howard Emswiller's
08/23/16 NO MEETING

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Licking Heights Alumni Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 77, Summit Station, Ohio 43073
Meeting Minutes for March 21st, 2017
Regular Meeting  Licking Heights H.S.

Officers and Directors Attending:
Officers: Tom Dunkle, Angie Kenyon, Susan Baird, Bev DeNune
Directors: Dan McDonnell, Christina Casto, Pamela Roser

President Tom Dunkle called the regular meeting to order at 6:40 pm.

Secretary’s Report: M/S/P
President’s Report:
No Report
Vice President’s Report:
No Report
Treasurer’s Report: M/S/P
Account Balance- Review of activity showed our present account balance as $2,158.50

Old Business:

• Audit Team Report- Dan and Susan met with Bev and completed the audit.
• Reunion (Banquet) Discussion/Planning- The reunion is set for June 10th. The Association will provide drinks, appetizers, deserts, cups, ice and soft drinks. Bev will look into Whit’s and see if they are interested in donating frozen custard for the reunion. Christina will look into having the pop and water donated. The menu was discussed and the following are options: pulled pork, baked chicken, green beans, buns, potatoes with seasoning, and perhaps a salad. Themes were discussed with Sports/Sportsmanship being a main one. Association members should email catchy phrases to Tom or bring to the next meeting.
• District Support Group Meeting: Tom shared that the group is still working on the language that will be used to have a “boiler plate template” for groups to use. They are wanting to have neutral language that is all inclusive for the LH Support Groups. Groups will still be able to input their own information that is specific to their group, mission, etc. There was some discussion on this, but Tom will come back with learned information and share it with the association to see what may/may not apply to the Licking Heights Alumni Association By-Laws.
• Website Updates: Tom broke the website into sections and asked for members to review certain sections of the website. Members should report back on any recommendations or changes they feel need to be made to the pages they looked at. Christina will look into adding a link with bank information so that alumni can pay their membership dues online thru Paypal.
• Newsletter Articles: If members have articles they should email them to Tom by the first of April so they will be in the banquet newsletter. The newsletter goes out two times a year.
• Facebook Page- The forms are updated on the page and the links should be easy to navigate. There are currently about 1550 members on the FB page. Christina will look into the possibility of adding PayPal to the website which may allow people to pay for membership and reunion registration.

New Business:

• Reunion Drawing: Christina reported that she was able to get a very generous donation from Robert Dodel for the reunion. He is donate the following: a Heritage Rough Rider Revolver valued at $250 (main prize), $100 gift card to the Bullet Ranch, and a $50 gift card to the Bullet Ranch. The Association will have tickets printed up for the aforementioned items. Tickets will be limited to 200 and they will cost $5.00 each. This will be posted on the website as well.

• Trophies: Rita Pendexter will start collecting trophies and sorting them by decade. She will begin rehabbing them this summer and is looking for volunteers ti help with this wonderful alumni project. Tom will also post this on Facebook.
Committee Reports: none

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 M/S/P (Susan/Angie)

Next meeting will be 6:30 pm Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at the Licking Heights.
Submitted by: Susan Baird, Secretary

Minutes from Past Meetings
06/24/04 07/13/04 09/07/04 09/21/04 10/18/04
11/16/04 12/04 No Mtg 01/18/05 02/15/05 03/15/05
04/19/05 05/17/05 06/27/05 07/05 No Mtg 08/05 No Mtg
09/20/05 10/18/05 11/15/05 12/05 No Mtg 01/17/06
02/21/06 03/21/06 04/19/06 05/23/06 061706
06/27/06 07/25/06 08/06 No Mtg 09/26/06 10/06 No Mtg
11/28/06 12/06 No Mtg 01/23/07 02/27/07 03/27/07
04/24/07 05/22/07 06/17/07 06/26/07 07/24/07
09/25/07 10/23/07 11/27/07 01/22/08 02/26/08
03/25/08 04/22/08 05/27/08 Annual Meeting 08 07/22/08
09/23/08 10/28/08 11/25/08 01/27/09 03/24/09
04/28/09 05/26/09 Annual Meeting 09 07/28/09 10/27/09
03/02/10 03/23/10 04/27/10 05/25/10 Annual Meeting 10
07/27/10 08/10/10 Special 10/26/10 12/07/10 02/22/11
04/26/11 05/24/11 Annual Meeting 11 06/28/11 07/26/11
10/25/11 01/24/12 02/28/12 03/27/12 4/24/12
5/29/12 Annual Meeting 12 06/26/12 07/24/12 09/25/12
10/23/12 11/27/12 2/26/13 3/26/13 4/23/13
5/21/13 9/24/13 10/22/13 11/20/13 2/25/14
3/25/14 5/26/14 Annual Meeting 14 07/29/14 09/23/14
11/25/14 02/24/15 04/28/15 05/26/15 06/30/15
07/28/15 09/29/15 01/26/16 04/26/16 05/24/16
Annual Meeting 2016 12/06/16 01/24/17 02/28/17 03/21/17
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