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Licking Heights Alumni Association, Inc.
Preserving the Past for the Promise of a Future
P.O. Box 77
Summit Station, Ohio 43073

Steve Wood, President
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Alumni meetings are held on
the 4th Tuesday of the month
at 6:30 pm,
In the LH High School Media Center (Library)
(See schedule for what months)
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Alumni Meeting Schedule 2017 - 2018
Date Time Location
09/26/17 6:30pm HS Media Center
10/24/17 NO MEETING
11/28/17 6:30pm HS Media Center
12/22/15 NO MEETING
01/23/18 6:30pm HS Media Center
02/27/18 6:30pm HS Media Center
03/20/18 6:30pm HS Media Center
04/24/18 6:30pm HS Media Center
05/22/18 6:30pm TBA /
06/9/18 5:30 pm Doors Open Banquet & Annual Meeting
Save this date and make your plans now!
06/26/18 6:30pm Howard Emswiller's
07/24/18 6:30pm Howard Emswiller's
08/28/18 NO MEETING

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Licking Heights Alumni Association, Inc.
P.O.Box 77, Summit Station, Ohio 43073
Meeting Minutes for May 22, 2018
Regular Meeting LHHS Conference Room

Officers and Directors Attending: [A quorum was present].
Officers: Steve Wood, Christina Casto, Susan Baird, and Bev DeNune
Directors: Howard Emswiler, Barb Triplett, and Mike Schuler
Guest: Rosemary Emswiler, Angie Kenyon, Bobbie Jo (Raver) McCarty, Robert Dodel, and LH School Board Member-Mark Rader

President Steve Wood called the regular meeting to order at 6:38 pm.

Secretary’s Report: M/S/P (Robert/Mike)

President’s Report: Steve reported that he called the Foundation and they have the criteria set for each scholarship and the scholarships are labeled S1 and S2. Mark suggested that we ask the Foundation to change it so when people apply they know they are applying for either the Academic or the Trade scholarship. If potential applicants have questions about the criteria for each scholarship they can call the Licking County Foundation.
There was also discussion about what to do with all of the old trophies that have amassed over the years. Barb suggested we auction the trophies and donate the money raised to the scholarship fund.

Treasurer’s Report: Bev reported that the balance was $3241.68. Bev reported the following: reservations are coming in for the Alumni Reunion on June 9th (45 members and 91 reservations), 530 newsletters were sent out for $159.00, the raffle tickets were printed out for $55.00 (which is $19.00 less than last year).
M/S/P Treasurer’s report-(Christina/Mike)

Old Business:
1. Banquet-2018:
a. M/S/P (Howard/Susan) to pay Tim and Myra Triplett $450.00 for appetizers (including set-up for appetizers). Myra will need number of people who registered for the banquet.
b. Dinner will cost $8.75/plate this year.
c. M/S/P (Angie/Red) to take a verbal vote at the banquet for a possible increase in the banquet cost per person. The discussion started when around the idea of having steak and chicken in the future, which would be $16.00/per plate. The cost this year is $20.00 per person, however depending on how people verbally vote, the cost may increase based on food cost.
d. The menu this year is: scalloped potatoes, chicken, pulled pork, green beans and rolls. The caterer is Tim Cotterman.
e. Gifts for Legacy Alumni: Barb and Bev will work on this and will get gift cards and planters.
f. Class of 1993-As of this meeting date, there are 5 reservations for the class of 1993, as well there are 10-12 registered for the class of 1968.
g. Drinks will be provided by the committee. Robert will get water. Barb reported that GFS has cases of soda for $10.00, and Kroger has 32 bottles of water for $2.99. Christina has gift cards that can be used for pop. Angie will get desert plates, napkins and forks for 250 people. Red will supply the cooler for ice and Steve will get bags of ice for drinks. Extra pies will be auctioned off at the end of the evening.
h. Raffle-members are encouraged to sell their raffle tickets for the Cricket. The value of the gun is $142.00.
i. Donations: Howard is donating $50 for the Alumni membership drawing. The alumni Association is donating two dinners for next year’s banquet. Signs need to be made for donated gifts, to thank our sponsors.
j. Steve will mount the projector to the door behind the trailer for people to view pictures of previous year’s banquets.
k. Barb will present the dedication in memory of Dan McDonnell.
l. Scholarship winners will be at the reunion and will be introduced.
m. Set-up at Emswiler’s will start at 10:30 Monday, June 4th
n. Bobbie Jo is continuing to work on name tags.
o. President Steve is working on the agenda for the banquet.

New Business:
a. M/S/P (Christina/Angie) to spend $85.00 for the plaque dedicated to Dan McDonnell. There was discussion on the need to have the Licking Heights School Boards’ permission to have the Licking Heights hornet printed on the plaque. Susan will email Dr. Wagner regarding this matter.
b. Angie Kenyon would like to serve on the Board again as a Director. Her name will be presented at the Alumni banquet and will be voted on there.
Committee Reports:

M/S/P (Susan/Angie) to adjourn the meeting at 7:41 pm.
The next general meeting will be at 6:30 pm on June 26, 2018 at Emswilers.

Submitted by: Susan Baird, Secretary

Minutes from Past Meetings
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11/25/14 02/24/15 04/28/15 05/26/15 06/30/15
07/28/15 09/29/15 01/26/16 04/26/16 05/24/16
Annual Meeting 2016 12/06/16 01/24/17 02/28/17 03/21/17
04/25/17 07/25/17 3/20/18 4/24/18
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