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Licking Heights Alumni Association, Inc.
Preserving the Past for the Promise of a Future
P.O. Box 77
Summit Station, Ohio 43073

Christina Blythe Casto, President
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Minutes from
Past Meetings
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Alumni meetings are held on
the 4th Tuesday of the month
at 6:30 pm,
In the LH High School Media Center (Library)
(See schedule for what months)
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Alumni Meeting Schedule 2018 - 2019
Date Time Location
9/25/18 6:30pm HS Media Center
10/23/18 NO MEETING
11/28/18 6:30pm HS Media Center
12/4/18 NO MEETING
01/22/19 6:30pm HS Media Center
02/26/19 6:30pm HS Media Center
03/26/19 6:30pm HS Media Center
04/23/19 6:30pm HS Media Center
05/21/19 6:30pm TBA /
06/8/19 5:30 pm Doors Open Banquet & Annual Meeting
Save this date and make your plans now!
06/25/19 6:30pm Howard Emswiller's
07/23/19 6:30pm Howard Emswiller's
08/27/19 NO MEETING

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Licking Heights Alumni Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 77 Summit Station, OH 43073
Meeting Minutes for October 23, 2018
Regular Meeting Licking Heights Conference Room

Officers and Directors Attending:
Officers: Steve Wood, Christina (Blythe) Casto, Bev DeNune
Directors: Howard Emswiler, Mike Schuler, Mary (Emswiler) Vickner, BobbieJo (Raver) McCarty
Members: Brenda (Spencer) Byers

Licking County Foundation flyer
Per Steve, the foundation rep. is willing to come out and go through a demonstration with the students so they know how to apply for the scholarships.
Licking Heights Alumni Scholarship Fund Statement for period 1/1/18 - 9/30/18
There are several grants through the foundation that kids can get and duplicate their information into the other grants available.

Susan Rowles not here - no meeting minutes to approve

Steve called meeting to order 6:41 - motion Christina, 2nd Mike

Will need to approve last minutes by e-mail, Steve will forward to everyone on the list to look at as soon as he gets them from Susan

Presidentís Report
Third Scholarship winner did not take the grant, did not do follow through
Fund Statement
Plan is that more kids apply so that there is more applicants to choose from and have the opportunity for these grants

Treasurerís Report sent $4000 to LC Foundation
Paid box rent to the Post office
Balance $1619.99

Old Business
We talked about doing the newsletter
Bobbie offered to write up about the reunion
Christina will write about something
Bev will write something about sports - Battle of Broad St. probably
Has some filler items held back to add to it
Generally like to do a newsletter twice a year
Christmas time
They put them together here at the school
We talked last time about sending letters to people we hadnít heard from in a while. Bev created the letter.
Not doing letters to the seniors? Possibly handing out at the school or trying to get to them electronically. 237 graduated last year. Steve would like to write a letter, print in black and white, put the Foundation flyer with the letter and pass them out at the school. Christina can help hand these out at the H.S. Bev would suggest you talk to the counselor for the seniors to get their input on this or if thereís a better way to get them the information. Make sure we get it to the seniors who go to CTEC also. Weíll find out that information next month.
Steve asked Christina if she would take over next September and October when he is at his busiest with his daughter.
Not meeting in November, will meet on Dec. 4th, 2018 at 6:30 pm LH Conference Room.
Any other old business - no

New Business
Did we find out anything on the hog? Tim Cotterman has not gotten back to Steve yet and the other guy backed out on him.
The pigs will be fed from January to June, should be pretty big
Theme will be Hawaiian Luau
Got a couple quotes in, but comparing to Tim Cottermanís prices so that they are comparing apples to apples because Tim has done ours in the past
One of the current quotes is a little bit more, but the total package drops down because more than one person would be doing things, we would have more than one vendor where with Tim we would have one.
Pigs would take 12 hours to roast
Confirmed the Ice Cream Guy that makes homemade ice cream - $250
We supply toppings as always
June 8th is the date of the next banquet
Howard wonders if we should have those individual fry pies, a factory in Gamber, OH makes them. Lyndís gets them from there. If you get a lot they get a lot cheaper. Run $2.50 retail. Probably could get them for $1.75 or $1.50. Howard is willing to call to find out what they would cost.
Pies we currently get are 11Ē for about $10, would give 8 pieces, some were donated
Are we going to work on more prizes? Raffle tickets - bigger prizes to raffle ideas:
The gun brings in a lot of money, itís donated
No other ideas given at this time
Website - Mike needs access to edit, all of a sudden he is unable to do it
Steve will write them a ticket; all correspondence is through e-mail to try to figure out what is wrong
$73.94 was spent on the website renewal: New treasurer balance $1,546.05
Steve will get Mike a hard drive to download some archived minutes on so that we have more space on the website for more current minutes.
Donít forget if you use Amazon, use Amazon Smile - LH Alumni Association is a charity you can designate to give a % of your spending too.
*Remind people about this in the next newsletter
Some Restaurants will give a % back if you sign up with them
Anymore new business? - No

Open the floor
Get the articles to Bev as soon as possible.
Tina may do an article on people who went to Heights that work for Heights, there are several.

Motion to adjourn Mary - 2nd Tina

Minutes from Past Meetings
06/24/04 07/13/04 09/07/04 09/21/04 10/18/04
11/16/04 12/04 No Mtg 01/18/05 02/15/05 03/15/05
04/19/05 05/17/05 06/27/05 07/05 No Mtg 08/05 No Mtg
09/20/05 10/18/05 11/15/05 12/05 No Mtg 01/17/06
02/21/06 03/21/06 04/19/06 05/23/06 061706
06/27/06 07/25/06 08/06 No Mtg 09/26/06 10/06 No Mtg
11/28/06 12/06 No Mtg 01/23/07 02/27/07 03/27/07
04/24/07 05/22/07 06/17/07 06/26/07 07/24/07
09/25/07 10/23/07 11/27/07 01/22/08 02/26/08
03/25/08 04/22/08 05/27/08 Annual Meeting 08 07/22/08
09/23/08 10/28/08 11/25/08 01/27/09 03/24/09
04/28/09 05/26/09 Annual Meeting 09 07/28/09 10/27/09
03/02/10 03/23/10 04/27/10 05/25/10 Annual Meeting 10
07/27/10 08/10/10 Special 10/26/10 12/07/10 02/22/11
04/26/11 05/24/11 Annual Meeting 11 06/28/11 07/26/11
10/25/11 01/24/12 02/28/12 03/27/12 4/24/12
5/29/12 Annual Meeting 12 06/26/12 07/24/12 09/25/12
10/23/12 11/27/12 2/26/13 3/26/13 4/23/13
5/21/13 9/24/13 10/22/13 11/20/13 2/25/14
3/25/14 5/26/14 Annual Meeting 14 07/29/14 09/23/14
11/25/14 02/24/15 04/28/15 05/26/15 06/30/15
07/28/15 09/29/15 01/26/16 04/26/16 05/24/16
Annual Meeting 2016 12/06/16 01/24/17 02/28/17 03/21/17
04/25/17 Licking Heights Alumni Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 77 Summit Station, OH 43073
Meeting Minutes for June 26, 2018
Regular Meeting Emswilerís Home

Officers and Directors Attending:
Officers: Steve Wood, Christina Casto, Bev DeNune
Directors: Howard Emswiler, Mike Schuler, Mary (Emswiler) Vickner, BobbieJo (Raver) McCarty,
Members: Barb Triplett, Rosemary Emsviler

President Steve Wood called meeting to order at 6:38 pm.
No Agenda

Last meeting minutes accepted motion by Mr. Emswiler & Seconded Mike Schuler
A question by Bev about difference between scholarships;
What can we do to get the requirements out about the scholarships more? Need to note that one of our scholarships is a skilled trade scholarship and 2 academic scholarships. Steve will get with Amy to make sure that this is well noted for kids going into trades and that they are available for kids going into a trade, not college. The skilled tradeís one was awarded, but not yet accepted as of banquet night. We do need to know the application date.

Presidentís report: No report specifically, but wanted to start planning for next year already. Hearing themes of Hawaiian Luau. Tim may be out of our price range for this theme. Verbal commitment from someone that would keep a hog and feed it and donate it to the banquet. If that person does one, Steve and Herb will do the second and split the cost. Would also be chicken and steak on the skewer with pineapple and something else? Going to look into it more, but wanted approval first before wastes anyoneís time. Got this contact through Jeff. Feelings are that it is worth looking into and see what we can get. Now is the time to start planning for next year. Steve would like to know names of any alumni that we know of that own businesses that we may be able to get donations from. We may need to change the time to 6 pm, people were showing up at 5 pm this year instead of 5:30 pm.

Noise and acoustics were a problem for people unable to hear. The mic Steve used should have solved some of the noise problem, but can change mic out. Discussed different ways to lay out room to help with this problem. Talking during the program continues to be a problem and adds to the noise problem.

Treasurerís report:
Just wrote check to Susan for 211.15 : balance is $4801.52
Motion to pay Bev: Howard, Tina 2nd, passed
Key lime, banana, lemon, cherry, apple pies
Do they give credit for ice cream leftover? No, because once itís out, itís not returnable. Split it to everyone what was left.
See sheet for 2018 Reunion Profit & Loss Summary
Class of Ď58 become honorary members - 60 year or more graduates do not have to pay as members. Still pay for banquet.
Need to promote memberships.
Decorations went over a little, but some of that is storage and such that can be used every year.

What worked, what didnít work?
4 banquet lines worked great
Decorations looked great
Nametags worked well, nice to keep as a favor
Photo booths, opportunities were great

Need help at the nametag table still
Want to sell raffle tickets at the table
Need to figure out what we have on raffle
Need to know who is going to sell tickets beforehand
Try to get someone who is not an alumnus to sell at the banquet that will not want to stop and talk to everyone at the banquet. Try to get a spouse or non-alumni to make those rounds.
Raffle for gun and $100 drawing and then rest of items after $100 draw
Advertisement for what raffles are for, maybe a sign at the front to say what color is for what: blue for this, red for that.
Will need to buy more raffle tickets for next year, will need 2 different colors.
A lot of flak on Facebook on raffling the gun, should we be concerned? Consensus was that response has been good & should continue with how we have been going.
Last year we have revolver, $100 bullet ranch, & $50 bullet ranch. Can extend raffle to include other bigger items also. Need earlier deadline for this. March 1st, to get donated items ready for raffle, advertised & sold.

Things we would like to see changed
Sound - trying to change layout and get them set up better
If change layout so 50 year class is not in front, speakers can be turned up more. Thought is also, more speakers around the room, give more output so do not have to turn up all the way and everyone can hear.
Change culture from eat & go -
Closing time removed from Program time so that Program doesnít seem so daunting - already done
BYOB is already a thing, listed on the form you sign up with, maybe advertise more.
Get people to help sell raffle tickets at event.
Maybe get a list of what is being given out as raffle prizes - at beginning on poster, then put some small ones on each table setting.
Keep date on reservations for early price, after $5 more
Would like to keep the decade colors for nametags next year, helped a lot to keep things found easier.

Prefer the weekend before Fatherís day for the event - next yearís Reunion will be June 8th, 2019
Motion to set date - Tina; 2nd - Mike; passed

Motion to make theme next year Hawaiian Luau - Bobbie; 2nd Tina; passed

Sides for the Hawaiian theme - slaws, sweet potatoes, fruit salads, grilled pineapple, Hawaiian baked beans, etc. other ideas?

Next meeting are we having - yes

Next Newsletter will plan to go out November - plan what want to include at Julyís meeting.

Will decide how much money we will put into foundation at next monthís meeting.

Next meeting July 24th 6:30 pm at Howard Emswilerís home

The website has 3 different prices coming up to maintain domain name for the website. Dan was going to choose best option and pay for it and
-Howard made motion to pay website fees, 2nd - Tina; passed
Every year in the past have paid $130

Motion to Adjourn Bev, 2nd Tina; passed
07/25/17 3/20/18 4/24/18
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