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Licking Heights Alumni Association, Inc.
Preserving the Past for the Promise of a Future
P.O. Box 77
Summit Station, Ohio 43073

Christina Blythe Casto, President
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Board Approves New Logo

We have included some unique features in our new logo. Here are a couple you may notice and what they mean for us, as alumni.

We remember our heritage and honor them by including Summit High in the logo with our newer image as Licking Heights.

The 'Compass Rose' has many meanings, but it represents for us a reminder that anything can be achieved when you have direction in your life. And, most importantly it is about remembering, honoring and learning from the past, as well as looking forward and being open to whatever the future holds. It's an all encompassing life view.

The 'Torch' has always been a symbol of hope ,freedom and faith; the light of hope when all else is dark. (The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor bears such a torch of freedom and hope.) We welcome new graduates as we pass the torch from one generation to another, we pass on responsibilities, tradition, heritage, and knowledge to another generation.

LH Board of Education and Alumni Association
Collaborate on Capital Project Financing

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Where is All the Old Information that use to be here?

Well it was just that ... OLD news, but it's not gone. We just moved it to the appropriate page. Example; if your looking for the banquet pictures, look under the "Banquet News" link on the MAIN MENU.