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Class of 1966
Contact Info:
Sue Beekman Bush, Havens Corner Rd,Pataskala, Ohio, 43062

Martha Tharp Dillon, 614-367-1389,, 220 Postage Circle, Pickerington, Ohio, 43147

Class of 1960

Contact: Barb Triplett 614-560-1656
or Libby at 740-927-3268

Class of 1965
Contact: Karen (Lanman) Johnson 954-854-1100

Class of 2003
.Contact person: Alissa Byers 740-808-7826. We also have a facebook page: search Licking Heights Class of 2003.

Class of 1976

Contact Info:
Cheryl Deaver Sperry at or (740)965-2850 to request info.
We are seeking contact information for:
Kim Davis,Pam Muncy,Brian Sutter,John Bartholow, Betty Deeds,Van Peyton,Darlene Weisner,Olivia Duff,Ronald Rooks,Kathryn Conley,Charles Fair,James Rutherford,Catherine Morris,David Reid,Michael Gordon,Jeff Gill,John Harris,Tom Himes,Greg Counts,and Randy Gillman

Class of 1961
Contact Info:
Bob/Skip Smallwood
43 Dougshire Ct., Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Home: 630-734-3634
Cell: 630-632-6504

Class of 2000
Contact information for your class:
Amber (Browning) Carey (614) 588-2810
or Jamie (Herb) Bingham (614) 419-7525

Contact Information for your class:
Carole Robinson (Meyers)at 614-410-6037 or email her
Derek Wise at either or (614) 905-2521

Class of 1960

Contacts Barbara Blair Triplett
at 614-864-2257
or Libby Galloway Douglas
at 740-927-9631

Contact people--- Brenda Starr-Jude
at 419-884-8287 or

or Cheryl (Wine) Murphy at 740-345-1499

Class of 1979
Contact people----Cathy Hobbs Wedertz at
or Lori Sikora Hewitt at

Class of 1999
Contact person---email MaryJo Shaffer Jones @

Class of 1969

Class of 1969 Reunion Attendees
From the bottom up:
Evelyn Bowen Smith, Beth Gore Klema
Judy Starr Brown, Terry Howald Crane
Charlie McClellan, Jim Wiese
Bob Angell, Dan McDonnell, Ed Huntley
Joe Wittikiend, Tim Campbell, Ray Strawser

We had a nice time at the reunion banquet. It was good to see those that that showed. Please send bio paragraph to add to alumni webpage. Our contacts are Ed Huntley at 614-436-2550 or me.
Dan McDonnell, Director, LH Alumni Association

Class of 1964
Reunion held August 15, 2009
(High Lands Golf Club – Pataskala, Ohio)

Front row (left to right) - Don Fry, Mary (O’Neal) Knopp, Judy (Smallwood) Rojas, Ruth (Angell) Joyce, Ruth (Kettell) Hurlburt, Sheila (Tiller) Howard, Joyce (Durst) Gurney, Joe Brossman, Marcia (Houck) Green and Dixie (Hendren) Reader.

Back row (left to right) – Tom McCray, Gary Davis, Robert Kaiden, Cornelius Howard, Glenna Henson, Merrill Dean, Jack McDonald, Loretta (Osborn) Pack, Robert Pack and Louise (Maxwell) Vannoy.

If your home or email address has changed, please let us know so that we can update our files.
Louise Maxwell - 740-927-9692 email:
Tom Dunkle - 740-927-5377 email:
Gary Davis - 614-863-4617 email:

Class of 1983
Contact Info:
Tina (Blythe) Casto at / (740) 625-6641
or Andy Morrison at

Class of 1958
Contact Person
Janice Smith
(Updated 9/17/08)


Contact Person
Jennifer Harsh (Pack)
(Updated 9/17/08)

Class of 1967

Class of 1987
Contact Person
Melanie Jones
(Updated 05/30/07)

Class of 1977
Contact people
RONATA (YATES) DELPH----740-927-2722
MARSHA (COLLINS) ALLEN----614-419-8706
KAREN (SHOEMAKER) MILLER----614-878-2661
MICHAEL BREWER----740-927-8105
(Updated 8/13/07)

Class of 1986
e-mail Contacts Missy (Keefe) Basham 740-927-6655
Kathy (Meyers) Hamilton 740-405-6424

Class of 1968
Contact Person: Kathy Foor Hogan

Send updated info and any questions to Kathy at