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Licking Heights Alumni Association, Inc.
Preserving the Past for the Promise of a Future
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Christina Blythe Casto, President
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Alumni Scholarship Fund
The Alumni Scholarship Fund is what we are all about, “the Promise of a Future”. Because we believe in and know that, our Licking Heights graduates are our future, we created the Alumni Scholarship Fund. We can attribute the success of this venture, to the generous donations from so many of our Alums and the hard work of the Officers and Directors of the Association.

The funding began with the Victory Bell Tower and Pathway to Victory projects. Several thousand dollars was raised to establish the fund. The Alumni Board then pledged one-third of all dues will go directly to the fund. However, the overwhelming response from our alums has grown the fund more rapidly than projected. Each year, our members generously donate nearly $1,500 over and above their dues. The Alumni Board then adds the membership dues portion and fundraising proceeds to member donations. Incredibly, for the past several years, we have been able to deposit $3,000 annually into the fund. Note: Paving bricks can still be ordred for the Pathway to Victory.

The Alumni Board chose to partner with the Licking County Foundation to administer the fund. The Board developed standards for graduates and the LCF ensures those standards are met by all applicants. The LCF provides application forms, visits with school guidance counselors, advertises the Alumni Fund, reviews applications, and makes the final selection. The Foundation also pools our fund with others in the county to invest in a very diverse (low risk) portfolio.

When first established, the award was one (1) $500 scholarship. We are now awarding (3) $1000 scholarships. The scholarship funds are paid directly to the registrar’s office by the LCF. It is our plan to grow the fund to the point that it is self-sustaining and we can offer more than one award per year or possibly a multi-year award. The Alumni Board is constantly working on fundraising ideas and projects to increase the fund.

Now it’s up to you. Will you invest in the future, by becoming a member and/or making a donation to the Alumni Scholarship Fund? Join the Alumni Association today and invest in the future!

2005 to 2009
2012 Scholarship Award
2011 Scholarship Award
Catherine Campbell
2010 Scholarship Award
Hannah Sutton Hannah Sutton 2010
2009 Scholarship Award
Phillip Grizer Phillip Grizer 2009
2008 Scholarship Award
Lauren Bogner Lauren Bogner 2008
2007 Scholarship Award
Melissa Blevins Melissa Blevins 2007
2006 Scholarship Award
Jamie Hatkow Jamie Hatkow 2006
2005 Scholarship Award
Chad Nunemaker Chad Nunemaker 2005
Scholarship Fund History

The Board of Directors officially established the Licking Heights Alumni Scholarship Fund. We have selected the Licking County Foundation to administer the fund. The LCF will invest our funds, coordinate scholarships with the High School, provide applications, and select the award winning student. And, they will use our guidelines in the selection process.

We have had a good start to the fund with proceeds left over from the first brick sale. However, we need much more for this plan to work and hopefully the future brings much in the way of brick sales to reach the amount suggested. It is within our reach. By teaming up with the LCF, it will take any bias out of the selection process, along with the advantage of having our money pooled and invested for a better return.

On 10/19/04 it was decided by those present at the monthly meeting that the sum of $5500 would be used to start the scholarship fund. A check was written to go to the Licking County Foundation to get this underway. We now have the first ever LH Alumni Scholarship fund.

On 6/28/05 the Board of Directors met and decided to add to the scholarship fund the sum of $3500 from the proceeds of the second brick sale and the 2005 membership drive and donations. This brings the total of $9000 the association has put into the fund. We still have a long way to go to reach the goal of $15,000.

At the June, 2006 meeting the officers and board elected to send $1500 to add to the $400 sent earlier in the year to the scholarship fund. At the July meeting after discussion, it was decided to add another $1500 to the fund. This brings a total of $12400 the association has put into the fund with $1500 going to scholarships already. Many thanks to those that contribute!

At the September 2007 meeting the officers and directors elected to send an additional $2500 to add to the scholarship fund. The funds come from the membership dues and contributions made from those individuals on the honor role. We have almost reached the preset goal in just three short years. This brings a total contribution to date of $14900. Even though we are almost to that goal we must continue to press on. The officers and directors wish to raise the amount of the scholarship in the near future from the present $500. Thanks to those who are part of this endeavor.

At the September 2008 meeting the officers and directors elected to send an additional $4000 to add to the scholarship fund. Many thanks to the 'Dues Paying Members' and especially those that have given additional donations to the fund. This brings the total contribution to date of $18900. As per the rules of the Licking County Foundation the scholarships awarded from now on must be $1000.

At the September 2009 meeting the officers and directors approved this year’s addition to the scholarship fund in the amount of $3000. This brings the total amount put into the fund of $21900. To date $3000 have been awarded to LH Graduates. Thanks once again to the Alumni Association members and especially those who donate extra to the fund.

At the July 2010 meeting the officers and directors approved this year’s contribution to the scholarship fund once again in the amount of $3000 bringing the total amount raised to $24900. Once again, kudos to members and especially those who donate extra to this cause.

In the meeting held on July 26, 2011 the board elected to add from this years contributions of membership and donations another sum of $3000. This brings the total of $27900 contributed to the fund.

On July 24, 2012 the board voted to contribute another $3000 to the scholarship fund bringing the total of contributions to $30,900. To date $6000 have been awarded to winning LH graduates. Thanks once again to those who become members and especially to those that contribute beyond the membership fees.

On September 24, 2013 the board voted to add another $1500 to the scholarship fund.This brings the total amount contributed to $32400 with awards totaling $7000. Thanks once again for your involvement.

On July 29, 2014, the board met. After having a good year with a couple fundraisers, generous donation from the Class of 1964 and donations from several individuals, and a good turnout at the banquet, the board voted to contribute $4500 to the scholarship fund. This brings the total donated to $35400 and added to the balance in our account brings it up to $43,449.07. $8000 has been awarded to this point. Thanks again to all who have made this possible.

At the meeting on July 28, 2015, the attending board members after reviewing the economic stats in the treasury which included donations, fund raisers and for an unusual profit from the banquet, it was decided and voted on to contribute $6500 new money to the scholarship fund. This brings the total of deposits to the fund to $41,900. Once again this could not be done without the many alumni who contribute funds towards membership and especially those who put forth those extra dollars of just a donation. Thanks again.

A new contribution was made in July 2016 and was decided to be in the amount of $5000. This brings the running total of deposits to $46900 to date thanks to the memberships and donators of this alumni association.

On July 25, 2017 the board met and once again had the task to decide on the annual contribution to the scholarship fund. After discussion the board decided to make this years contribution in the amount of $5000. That brings the running total $51900 made from the alumni association. As always thanks to the members and contributors to the cause, it couldn't be done without you !!!!